Spoken Lies , Hidden Truths . . .
. . . It's harder to hide a spoken lie , then to speak the hidden truth .
My day was nice, but today it rained during my daily run and I must say that I love when it rains while I'm running. My squad was all for doing 7miles and it seemed like we ran it faster in the rain. I feel like I could have done 10 miles this morning, it's something about the rain's cooling affect that gives me more energy. Nuff about me, how are you doing today?

Hello! :) I’m doing okay, getting a little sick from the weather change but it feels glorious outside :)



At the end of the day,

Its about the promise we once made,

Its the sound of your voice whispering my name,

The look of your eyes when you see me coming your way,

Its about the softness of your fingertips on my cheeks.

I cant stop thinking about that night,

The night I gave up my world,

Hi Vanessa, I hope your having a beautiful day my friend. :)

GoodMorning Greg :) Yesterday was a pretty long day for me. But today is a new day and I’m coming up on a 3 day mini vacation lol. What movie did you guys decide to see?